• Ingenious and effortlessly hilarious, they deliver a cracking mix of wit and slapstick tomfoolery, served with physical panache . . . Big on laughs and theatrical pizzazz, this Devon-based company has a style and slickness that wholly engages the audience in their merry mayhem.

    Roger Malone, The Stage

  • Exciting, exceptional and extremely funny – Extravaganza offers an escape from the mundane. Full of laughter, surprises and live music, this absurd play is a must-see.

    Christy Ku, Reviews Hub

  • Startling visual effects and the troupe’s ability to use physical comedy to its utmost potential contrived to produce a version of Chester Gould’s original comic strip with delightful and disarming ingenuity.

    The Argus

  • f you want to leave the theatre laughing and feel sheer amazement at crackling patter, pace, great props and how they remembered all those words and seamless actions then don't miss Dick Tracy. They are all just doing their jobs, brilliantly

    Mel Greenwood, Wells Journel

  • With a shambolic finesse, sublime ridiculousness and through relentless laughter they reveal the humanity and flaws in us all.

    Amy Webber, Theatre Bristol

  • An hour’s worth of madness, beautifully crafted sleight of hand and outrageous play. A joy from start to finish

    Shane Morgan, Whats on Stage

Le Company

Our mission is to create and tour hugely entertaining work to as many people as possible, whilst blowing stuff up and occasionally being slightly inappropriate.

We are 5 friends, co-directors and co-conspires;  this relationship has become our second biggest strength (our first is our audiences) and has huge benefits like being happy to share the same underwear, create inimitable, ridiculous comedy and spend most of our waking time on tour in the back of a van with each other!

  • Nick Bunt (Hans Junge)

    • Favourite Cheese - Gouda
    • Drinks - Weiss Beer
    • Would love to Play - Hans Gruber in Die Hard
    Nick Bunt
  • Dan Bianchi (Keith Lorraine)

    • Favourite cheese - Quiche
    • Drinks - Port
    • Would love to play - Mickey Rourke in Barfly
    Dan Bianchi
  • Matt Freeman (David Blooper)

    • Favourite cheese - BabyBel
    • Drinks - BabyCham
    • Would love to play - Baby in Dirty Dancing
    Matt Freeman
  • Alex White (Wheaty Pickle)

    • Favourite Cheese - DMX
    • Drinks - 240v
    • Would love to play - in the dark
    Alex White
  • Al Dunn (Romano Al Dente)

    • Favourite cheese - Parmesan
    • Drinks - Red Wine
    • Would love to play  - Danny DeVito in Twins
    Al Dunn
Les Gens

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
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