Once Upon A Time In A Western

"With a shambolic finesse, sublime ridiculousness and through relentless laughter they reveal the humanity and flaws in us all...you'll leave feeling that you've drunk the tequila and swallowed the worm as well!"

Theatre Bristol

A tumbleweed silently rolls across the dusty stage…
The clink clink clink of spurs echoes throughout the theatre…
The saloon door opens with a long, drawn-out creak…
The piano player hits a bum note and comes to a stop…
A short, dark stranger lifts the rim of his hat and shoots a steely stare out to the audience…

Welcome…to Kidneystone…

An interactive, fast-paced journey across the Wild West. The town of Kidneystone is threatened by outlaw and all-round bad guy Loco Pedro, who is secretly in cahoots with the Mayor to rob the town’s train of all it’s gold. Following the death of Sheriff Ned the town needs a new lawman but, unfortunately, this role falls to Rudi, the saloon’s piano player – who is just not up for the job. What Kidneystone needs is a hero! But where will they find…a hero….hero…hero?

Le Navet Bête are an award winning internationally touring physical comedy theatre company based in Devon, whose high energy, spectacular and hilarious shows have wowed audiences globally.

This show has been supported by Arts Council England.

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Programmers Info

Performed: Le Navet Bete
Written: Le Navet Bete and John Nicholson
Directed: John Nicholson
Set Design: Prop Tarts
Costume Design: Le Navet Bete
Composer: Nick Bunt, Al Dunn and Dom Jinks
Production Manager / Lighting Design: Alex Best