Robin Hood & His Merry Men

"Ingenious and effortlessly hilarious...Big on laughs and theatrical pizzazz, this Devon-based company has a style and slickness that wholly engages the audience in their merry mayhem."

The Stage

Follow our hero Robin Hood and his gang of Merry Men (and women!) through Sherwood Forest in their efforts to rid Nottingham of the evil Sheriff in an unforgettable and hilarious re-telling of this legendary fable. With lightning-quick comedy, a love story like no other and incredibly historically (in)accurate characters, these men in Lincoln green will keep you on the edge of your seat with excitement, peril and idiocy.

Audience Age


Programmers Info

Performed: Le Navet Bete
Written: Le Navet Bete and Mark Laville
Directed: Mark Laville
Set and Costume Design: Jaq Ball
Production Manager, Lighting and Sound Design: Alex Best
Choreographer: Jules Laville
Fight Choreographer: Nathan Marshall
Guest Starring: Natalie Cornah and Emily Wood (BBC Spotlight)