Napoleon: A Defence

"An hour’s worth of madness, beautifully crafted sleight of hand and outrageous play...Throwing the history book out of the window has never been more fun and Le Navet Bete capitalise on this fun and redefines theatrical liberties."

What's On Stage

Napoleon is being chased across Europe by the elite British task force of Major Blunt, Duke Welly and Sweet William. But their top-secret plan has been accidentally intercepted by a group of French misfits hell-bent on saving their Emperor.

With appearances from Napoleon's beautiful wife Josephine, some horses and an Austrian nun . . . prepare yourselves for a somewhat different insight into the Napoleonic Wars.

Join Private Party on board HMS Boat as he prepares to set sail to the Mediterranean island of Elba. What would normally be a tranquil journey through the high seas takes an interesting turn when a surprise guest arrives just as the passengers take their seats…

This show has been supported by Arts Council England.

Audience Age


Programmers Info

Performed: Le Navet Bete
Written: Le Navet Bete
Directed: Le Navet Bete
Set and Costume Design: Le Navet Bete
Composer: Nick Bunt and Al Dunn
Lighting and Sound Design: Alex Best