The Greatest Story…Never Told

A spectacular, unique and downright hilarious version of the traditional Christmas Nativity story jam packed with all of the best bits and a lot, lot more!

Join us on the incredible journey to Bethlehem, re-living the story we all know and love that has been transformed into a magical roller-coaster-donkey-ride of clowning, live music and general tomfoolery.

All of your favourite Nativity characters (Mary, Joseph, the Archangel Gabriel) in just over an hour, plus some you didn't even know were there (Ian and Graham the innkeepers, Engelbert Humperdinck, some extra sheep) makes this a fun, festive frolic for the whole family.

This show has been supported by Arts Council England.

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Programmers Info

Performed: Le Navet Bete
Written: Le Navet Bete and Mark Laville
Directed: Mark Laville
Set and Costume Design: Le Navet Bete
Sound and Lighting Design: Alex Best
Choreographer: Jules Laville